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Dry Drowning is an investigative visual novel, a psychological thriller set in the futuristic and dystopian universe of Nova Polemos.
Take on the role of Mordred Foley, a private detective haunted by his dark past, and immerse yourself in a series of grisly murders inspired by Greek mythology. A compelling, dramatic story with more topical themes than ever, characterized by multiple moral choices
and endings.
Test your detective skills and discover the truth among ambiguous characters, riddles, clues, and continuous twists.


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key features

Create your own story
Your choices will drastically affect the course of events. An ever-changing story with more
than 150 courses to follow and 3 different endings to unlock.

Face moral dilemmas
Deciding will never be easy, especially because of the consequences that come with it. Twist the game by changing the story, the environment, the political context, the technology, the characters you will meet... who lives and who dies.

Play and replay
Discover every secret of the city, have fun changing events and see what happens. More
than 20 hours of gameplay guaranteed!

Travel through time
Explore detective Foley's flashbacks and collect clues from his dark past to clarify current
cases to be solved.

Unmask the culprits
Prepare for nightmare interrogations, drop the masks of lies and discover the truth.

Original soundtrack
Over 2 hours of original music, with intense and dramatic tones. More than 50 audio tracks, some of which recorded live, which dynamically adapt to the atmosphere, place, and characters, for an even more immersive experience.